A Tale of Springtime

In the first film of “Tales of the Four Seasons,” a burgeoning friendship between philosophy teacher Jeanne (Anne Teyssèdre) and pianist Natacha (Florence Darel) is strained by jealousy, suspicion, and intrigue. Natacha encourages Jeanne to pursue the former's father, Igor (Hugues Quester), in order to supplant Eve (Eloïse Bennett), the young girlfriend Natacha loathes. Natacha’s scheme, however, risks alienating those closest to her as well as entangling Jeanne in a romantic drama she has vowed to avoid. A Tale of Springtime demonstrates Rohmer in full command of subtle visual storytelling as he contrasts the brightness of his characters’ Parisian and suburban surroundings with their conflicting desires, ideas, and temperaments. Directed by Eric Rohmer. (France, 1990, 108m)

Eric Rohmer
Anne Teyssèdre
Hugues Quester
Florence Darel

"If one person can rightly be called the father of the French New Wave, it’s Eric Rohmer." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"A philosophical love story for each season of the year." - Dave Kehr, The New York Times