Rogers Park

In Rogers Park, Chicago's most diverse neighborhood, four intertwined lives begin to buckle under midlife pressures. Zeke and his wife Grace navigate parenthood and a financial reversal of fortune while Grace’s brother Chris, a writer battling depression, and his partner Deena face a personal crisis that threatens to tear them apart. Meanwhile, Grace and Chris each struggle to confront a shared family trauma. Directed by Kyle Henry. (USA, 2017, 87m)

Kyle Henry
Christine Horn
Jonny Mars
Antoine McKay

“The screenwriter, Carlos Treviño, crafts frank dialogue and the director, Kyle Henry, films the scenes with an eye for the intimate, dividend-paying gesture.” —Critic’s Pick, The New York Times  

“A compelling drama about relationships in crisis.” —Village Voice  

“Shines with authenticity...Feels like real life, for better or for worse.” —Los Angeles Times  

“Brimming with universal truths about the long-hidden but nevertheless permanent bruises of family tragedies, the changing and sometimes numbing nature of even a truly loving long-term relationship and the slow death of knowing one’s dreams are almost certainly defunct.” —Chicago Sun-Times