Viva Riva

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Viva Riva

Riva is a small time operator who has just returned to his hometown of Kinshasa, Congo after a decade away with a major score: a fortune in hijacked gasoline. Wads of cash in hand and out for a good time, Riva is soon entranced by beautiful night club denizen Nora, the kept woman of a local gangster. Into the mix comes an Angolan crime lord relentlessly seeking the return of his stolen shipment of gasoline. Director Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s Kinshasa is a seductively vibrant, lawless, fuel-starved sprawl of shantytowns, gated villas, bordellos and nightclubs and Riva is its perfect embodiment.

Djo Tunda Wa Munga
Patsha Bay Mukuna
Manie Malone
Hoji Fortuna

"A bold crime action film that’s vicious, sexy and throbbingly realistic." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"4 Stars! One of the best neo-noirs from anywhere in recent memory." TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Frenetic, sleazy and entertaining as all hell" THE AV CLUB

"An exciting new filmmaking talent." THE LOS ANGELES TIMES